“My experience with Leadercast has been awesome. It makes me want to go back to my workplace and impact my peers.”
"Leadercast has taught me how to lead my team by example. I love hearing from the new speaker linup every year.”
Lisa W.
“We love Leadercast! Thank you for continuing to put on this event and allowing it to pour into our team and their commitment to leading our community. Thank you for having CEUs available, and for working hard to lock-in great speakers.”
Senior Physician Liaison, Baylor, Scott & White Medical Center
“I was able to host an event for the first time last year. I was able to put on a great event thanks to the Leadercast Team and their support.”
“We use Leadercast for our leaders to focus on their own development and learn new ways to be an impactful leader. This flexibility has allowed us to offer development opportunities to a much larger audience than we typically can.”
Greg S.
“I signed up for Leadercast NOW to let my team access the training available. I have seen a real impact on how we work and communicate together as a team ”